When I grow up, I want to be a transformer.
I wasn’t a big fan of the Michael Bay movies,
But it moves me to think that something ordinary can become something wonderful.
Cause I see a whole lot of ordinary around me and sometimes it’s a bit scary.
And when I see a car sometimes I hope it would
Reconfigure into a robot, but go figure, most cars have forgotten they’re special.
Most cars don’t remember that deep down inside
They’re more than just slaves to drive humans from point A to point B,
Like the trees that have fallen asleep and forgotten that they’re Ents.

I want to be a transformer, transforming darkness into light,
Lending a sparkle to some sad man’s eyes,
Cause too many people around me are just robots in disguise.
Living lives like broken records of a song that was repetitive to begin with,
This monotone existence needs a dash of colour.
Or rather a dash of dashboard transformed into a board game
And for some that might sound lame,
But they make me go Super-Saiyan like Goku!

I want to be a transformer, turning coal into diamond.
Transforming the former to the latter:
The kid playing T-ball to the professional batter,
The corporate ladder to a trampoline,
Uncle Sam to Mr. Bean.
Do you know what I mean?
Cause I don’t want to be mean, but the average, the mean,
Of the people I’ve seen try to live meaningless lives.

So let’s dare to be more than Hondas and Fords,
And let’s transform towards a better tomorrow.
Let’s take our sorrow and sculpt it like clay
I’ll borrow the words of Coldplay: “Every teardrop is a waterfall”
And though it might be small this trickle of H2O has more power than you know,
So let it flow, and build hydro-electric dams on your cheeks.
So when the pain leaks out of your eyes,
The water speaks and makes you wise.
Let’s use this waterfall to power a thousand homes where the heart is.

And art is a laser pointer, with which this point dexter, points out pieces of paradise
And with my pair of dice, I hope I roll four eyes,
Cause the more eyes the better.
See snakes have pretty poor eyesight
So I might see better than those 20/20 bastards.
And I hope my words tonight offer some insight,
A sound bite of a secret spectrum,
Transformers hiding in plain sight like infrared light.
Here’s my invite:
Join me and see the beauty invisible to most of humanity,

We could be like Superman, seeing beyond the surface,
Seeing past the universe’s epidermis straight to the heart of existence.
They say ignorance is bliss, but it’s actually boring
Cause you’re ignoring all the transformers stuck in rush hour traffic.
It’s tragic.
Just like all the muggles in London living mundane lives without magic.

I know that I’ll be a transformer some day,
And I’m well on my way.
Cause I’ve realized maybe Chewbacca only speaks in haikus,
But we don’t know cause we can’t count his syllables.
All we hear is silly babbles while he waxes poetic about the trees on Kashyyyk,
The birds and bees on Kashyyyk.
He’s not just a furry freak, he’s freaking brilliant.
NNAARGH RRRRRHAA NOARRRGH! (aka the wookie sound)

May the Force be with you!