The W Poem

In Grade 3 my teacher made me write a one page short story every week. It was awesome. If you have the chance to take Mrs. Bolster for Grade 3 English at Good Shepherd Elementary School, I would highly recommend it. I don’t quite remember the course code, but I think it was something like G-R-A-D-E 3.

Anyways, one of the stories I wrote was called the W story. I pretty well tried to incorporate as many words every word that started with the letter W as possible. It was filled with notable lines like “After the wild wrestle, Wobbly Worm took Woolly Worm to a restaurant called Wendy’s”. And who could forget the stunning final line: “And it all happened on a windy winter Wednesday”

Mrs. Bolster was pretty impressed. In fact she made everyone in the class choose a letter and write a story filled with words that started with that letter.

The poem I am going to share with you is an homage to the W story:

I don’t know why I chose W but it worked well
I don’t know why I wanted the “who, what, where, when, and why” to revolve around the letter W.
But I know why the main character was Woolly Worm
Quite simply it was because ‘Woolly’ and ‘Worm’ both start with W
However it would have been wiser to use a more well-grounded descriptive word
Why wasn’t he named ‘Wiggly Worm’? Whatever.

Woolly Worm watched “Wild Wild West”
And looking back I wish I had thought to explain
That “Wild Wild West” was a western with Will Smith.
What wouldn’t I give to write the W story again,
Now that my vocabulary has expanded to include words like Wi-Fi, wavelength, and wildebeest.
I wish I could rewrite it like a Wikipedia page
But alas at that age I was not very familiar with the World Wide Web

And I wish my story could include Wookies from Star Wars,
Because Wookies start with W, and let’s just face it, they’re badass
Wookies are way more badass than worms.
Besides, the adjective “woolly” applies way better to wookies than to worms.
What would a woolly worm look like?
A woolly worm would be weird whereas a woolly wookie would be wonderful.

Within the W story, Woolly Worm rides his bike on Wizard street
Which makes one wonder…how?
And what kind of worm can ride a bike?
With two legs, the worst wookie is a way bigger bike whiz than the most wild worm

Well, what else can I say?
I’ll give a goodbye wave and step off the stage,
Which would warrant wanton hand whapping and whoop whooping