Love Letter from God


A love letter from God

Dear beloved,

Please stop running.
I run but can’t manage to catch you
Cause you don’t stop to catch your breath,
You’re gonna catch a cold, crunching through the snow without a coat.
But you won’t let me catch you, when you fall.

And as you run away from me,
I’m left wondering…what did I do wrong?
I sung you loving songs, singing lullabies of fireflies and shooting stars and apple pies,
You were the apple of my eye, you were the apple to my pie.
I savored those sweet lullabies, which now you say are silly lies,
I just wanted to protect you from the monsters in your closet, from the skeletons in your closet.
I wanted to protect you from your past, but now your pass time is running past me.
You’ve made a hobby of hurting me, a policy of deserting me,
But I won’t desert you.
I won’t leave you stranded in the desert of your past, cause we have a future.
We’ll be together till death do us part and till death brings us back together again,
I will never leave you.

So stop running, cause you don’t know where you’re going.
You’re stuck in the obscurity, its dark outside and you can’t see.
Besides, you were never that good with directions.
You have your share of imperfections, but in you I see my reflection.
And I’ve come to bring you home.
You’ve eaten your trail of bread crumbs but I know the way back home.
Follow me.

Let’s walk our way home with your hand in my hand,
Let’s walk our way home through the cool coastal land,
Let’s calm our hot feet on the beautiful sand,
Let’s watch the sun set and see the Promised Land.
And when you stumble, I’ll help you stand up.
And when your feet hurt, I’ll carry you.
So that in some places there will be only set of footprints.

But right now the sand shows the chaotic footprints of drunken nights
Where you gave someone else what was mine by right,
Where you did what was wrong, cause what was wrong felt right.
And right now I’m walking among the broken beer bottles of your betrayals.
Your rebellions bite my bare feet as I look for you. But I won’t stop looking.

And you’re looking for love in all the wrong places,
You won’t find it in any of their seductive embraces,
You won’t find it by getting to all of the bases.
My face is covered in tears. How many years will you ignore me?
How many years will you turn to lovers who don’t love you?
Lovers who use you and abuse you.
Lovers who confuse you and accuse you.

You just want to be accepted, and push turns to shove,
You’re desperately looking around, but you don’t look above.
You’re trying to fill the hole in your heart with something not shaped like love.

You’ve forgotten what love looks like. So, come home.
And we can flip through our photo album till you recognize love’s face.
And by looking to our past, you might just see our future
A future filled with the flicker of fireflies,
Stomachs filled with homemade apple pies,
A future with more shooting stars than we have wishes.

But right now, I only have one wish:

Come home, my love. Come home.