The Pen is Mightier

Our world is simply obsessed with war,
We have deadly weapons, but we want more.
We can kill from far with machine guns,
Mowing down millions of mother’s sons.
We send lethal chemicals to fill the air,
Causing death, destruction, and despair,
Like Agent Orange in Vietnam.
And don’t forget the nuclear bomb.

Yet one ancient invention has stood time’s test,
Of all the weapons, it is the best.
It stands a head above the rest,
The most powerful, no contest,
This weapon, as you might have guessed,
Is the pen. I’ll say that once again.
The pen is mightier than the sword.

Language has the power to reach somebody’s soul
To console someone with a broken heart,
To make a broken heart whole,
So don’t tell me that the pen has no power.

Words can create laughter from the tears,
Words can help people overcome their fears.
Words can open stubborn eyes and stubborn ears.
Words can change the world.

Literature makes people wonder, dream, explore
Lord of the Rings, King Lear, Nineteen Eighty Four,
Chronicles of Narnia, Need I mention more?
Our world can keep on searching for a better tool of death,
But they won’t find anything with more power than Macbeth.

Writing captivates our imagination,
Provides a source of inspiration,
Makes amazing motivation,
And drives us to be the best people we can be

Words make people aspire to go higher.
They spark a desire, light an inner fire
More ferocious than any fire power.
But rather than devour like the fire from a gun,
Words empower like the fire in the sun.
And like the sun, words bring life,
While the knife only brings strife.

Swords can only destroy physical, material things
They have no power against invisible, spiritual things
You can pierce by blood pumping organ, but you can’t pierce my heart

When comparing the strength of the pen and sword,
There’s a difference that simply cannot be ignored.
The sword’s strength lies in its tangible credentials
The pen’s power lies in its abstract potentials
Bombs can only destroy a finite amount of nations.
But the pen isn’t bound by physical regulations.
The speed of a bullet can be empirically counted,
But the strength of language simply cannot be surmounted.

To use a modified quote by Morpheus from the Matrix,
“A weapon’s strength, and a weapon’s speed, are still based in a world that is built on rules.
Because of that, they will never be as strong, or as fast, as words can be”
You see, Language isn’t bound by reality or legality
Words present almost endless possibility, practically infinity
Just like Neo and Trinity are not bound by fixed rules.
The Matrix is a battle between a blacksmith and a wordsmith.
It’s a battle between Mr. Smith and the One, and Mr. Smith have fun
Cause anything you do, can easily be outdone.

Although the pen can overcome the weapon
Sadly it can become a weapon
Words aren’t restricted to the good side of the continuum,
Every good word has a nemesis, an antonym
The pen can spread love, but can also spread hate
The pen can affirm, but can also negate
For good or for evil the pen’s power is great
Cause sticks and stones may break my bones,
But without words you’ll never hurt me.

You see, the pen was not just used by Shakespeare but Hitler
Both captivated the masses with their eloquent speech,
With the pen gained a power beyond a weapon’s reach.

The pen’s like a lightsaber; language is like the force.
Both the Jedi and the Sith use them as their power source.
They have the same potential, what’s different is how they use it
Jedi’s use their power wisely, while the Sith abuse it.
The pen presents an ambiguous possibility,
It can be good or bad, it has so much versatility.
Literary ability can lead to friendship or hostility.
And as Uncle Ben says, “With great power comes great responsibility”